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The New FFC Site!
Tod gecko
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Furs For Christ (fursforchrist.com, FFC) concludes its beta testing phase and is now open for registration and posting! Since its inception in 2005, FFC has been a leading Christian ministry in the furry community and weathered every storm in its path. This new iteration will completely replace the previous site.

As the community grows, our leadership team will expand site functionality to reflect member preference and maximize positive user experience. Currently offering a forum for discussion of Christianity, the furry fandom, art, serious and complex issues, and general fellowship, FFC is ready to welcome you to the community you're looking for.  We'll see you when you get there!

Thank you for your time,

Ian the Gecko
Sleet the Fox
Hunter the Dog

The New Site
Tod gecko
As some of you may know, FFC is gradually moving to a new site. Furs For Christ will have forums, galleries, articles/e-zine, chat rooms, link directory, private discussion groups, and more. It's still in beta, so feel free to join the forums and let the admins and mods know of any changes you think need to be made.

Oops No FFC?
Did sombody forget to pay Go Daddy?

Attention Carolina Christian furrs and surrounding area
Hiyas from a South Carolinian fur :) I'm looking to set up a furry christian meet here in the Myrtle Beach area and I was wondering if anyone might be interested in being involved. I was thinking it would be great to spend some time together fellowshipping as furs and also spending some time together looking at our faith as well, spending some time praying, and also looking at scripture. What do you think? I was thinking a good time for it would be in the spring around spring break so that people would not have to worry about school. If you are interested feel free to reply here and let me know or if you have any ideas for the meet.

Attention all Ohio and midwest furry Christians!!!
I have been lurking a while on this LJ and decided I finally have something worthwhile to announce! Some of you might have heard about this via the OhioFurs mailing list posts, but many of you probably have not, so here goes.

I have been seeking out like-minded fellow Christian furs locally to be able to meetup, chat, socialize, and have open discussion about our faith and what it means to us. I thought that to make such contact easier and to be generally more accessible to more people then just local meets, I decided to set up a forum and a chatroom. For any Christian (practicing or not) or any who seek God in their lives...for those furries who live in Ohio or other parts of the midwest...to get together for fellowship, conversation, and spiritual reflection. The forum is set up with sections for inspiration, knowledge, personal sharing, and topics and questions relating to the Faith and to what that means to us as furs.

I humbly welcome you to come, take a look and join in! Finally a safe place for you to express your faith with others, without fear of reprisal or condemnation. I know the furry fandom is full of those who like to jeer at or mock those with strong Christian beliefs, and I hope that this group will give strength and courage to those who feel they have to hide their faith.

I know the forum and membership seems small right now, but the more people that we have join up and take part, the bigger and better it shall become! So again, I invite you to take a look and take part!

The forums:     http://www.thegoodshepherd.pinkhusky.com/forum/
The chatroom:     http://www.thegoodshepherd.pinkhusky.com/chat/

Thank you for reading, may the Lord bless you and keep you!

Prophetic worship in SL
animated face

Today was another one of those Sundays at Christian Assembly where Pastor Torry Gligora didn't get to preach. Today, the Holy Spirit took over the service. There was much prophesying and speaking in tongues and interpreting tongues. Many church members were called to the altar, challenged to take their relationship to the Lord to the next higher level.

I'd have gone up there myself had I not been so furiously busy with my Palm IIIxe, writing down for this blog about whether or not the same kind of prophesying can be brought to Second Life.

Prophetic worship, for those not in the know, is totally improvised worship. Like improvised music or improvised comedy, first you ask your innermost spirit how it wants to express itself, then you speak and dance and sing and play accordingly. You do what seems to fit. If what is done in the worship is truly coming from the Holy Spirit, it will come together in a way that will somehow make sense and coalesce into a discernable message from the Almighty to us.

Can this kind of improvised worship be brought to Second Life? It may be possible, but it will be tough to pull off. Moving one's avatar in an expressive way is a tough thing to bring about.

I pride myself on having one of the most expressive avatars out there. I have used Qavimator to make some of my own animations, and I program my own gestures to trigger my homemade animations. Doing this takes more study and thinking than most SL residents are willing to put themselves through. For me, it's worth it to have an avatar that can nod its head or raise its hand when I want it to. I hate text gestures that fill other people screens with half a dozen "Glory To Gods" or "Jesus Is Lords", and I'd rather program my own gestures that move my avatar instead.

It's also tough to bring improvised live music and live dance to SL. Most music for an SL service is piped in from YouTube as music videos with lyrics. In other words, the music is canned. And because avatars always execute pre-programmed animations, so is everything each avatar does.

So how much can you do under the prompting of the Holy Spirit that's totally off the cuff? This topic begs for much more investigation that I've so thus far, and I can't wait to write more about it in the future.

Looking on the heart
angel bear avatar second life

The thing I can't figure out is, if Samuel was forbidden by God to consider the outward appearance of Jesse's sons in anointing a new king for Israel (1 Sam. 16:7), then why does scripture talk about David's appearance? Why does it say that David was "ruddy, with a fine appearance and handsome features" (1 Sam. 16:12)? It sounds inconsistent with what the Lord said.

Back Online!
Tod gecko
FFC is now back up.

Don't panic!
Tod gecko
FFC is currently down for maintenance as the admins are doing some clean-up work after a troll attack last night. They will get the site back up soon ASAP, so please pray for them and be patient.

Thank you & God bless,
Ian the Gecko
FFC Forum Mod/LJ Admin

Your prayers are doing something
angel bear avatar second life

I have some somewhat good news to report. Dan Vanoy of Tru2Form called. The region manager was visiting and he was having a talk about my inability to raise $500 deductible on the fly, and the region manager authorized him to cut the deductible to $250 if we can get it paid this coming weekend. Now I know I can come up with it by the weekend.

Don't stop praying. Your prayers are doing something.